2012 MASY Synchro Challenge

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May 132012

We were the official photographer for the 2012 MASY Synchro Challenge held in Calgary this past weekend! This event brought together over 20 swim clubs from across 5 provinces and 1 territory to Calgary to compete in their final competition of the season. Congratulations to all the swimmers who participated!

Keep an eye on this space as we will be processing and uploading all the photos we took at the meet over the next week or two. I will update this post with more detailed links as the photos become available for your viewing and ordering.

Here is a direct link to our MASY photo gallery / online store in the meantime.

Here are links to each of the categories:

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table – your photos will be sent out within the next couple of weeks and if you supplied an email address on the order form, you will get a shipping notification and a tracking number when they are sent.

Update: We've had a few requests for the full routine Photo CDs we were offering at the table during the competition – please email us (use the 'info' address below) if this is something you are interested in. Thanks!

If you have any other questions in the meantime, feel free to send us an email – info at blargmedia dot ca.


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Synchro Flip

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Feb 112012

I'm a little late with this post, but I've been knee deep in processing photos from my daughter's recent synchro competitions over the last little while. This has been keeping me pretty busy and away from being online very much. I've had some 3,000+ photos to work my way through, and that's just the events my daughter was in! With a little bit of a break this weekend, I thought I would post a quick preview of a shot of her being flipped during her team routine.

Synchro Flip IMG_7261

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Project52 – Caution: Synchro

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Feb 062012

This week's Project52 theme was 'Signs'. I took a number of photos throughout the week of various signs around town, but ultimately decided on this one that I took on the weekend while we were at my daughter's second synchro competition in as many weeks. I was hoping to catch a swimmer in a move similar to what was on the sign, but I guess they don't fall backwards very much. :)

Caution: Synchro IMG_6695

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Project52 – Splash

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Jan 302012

For this week's Project52 theme, 'Eyes', I chose this shot of my daughter swimming. She is a national level synchronized swimmer and had her first competition of the season this weekend. Of course, I was on-hand shooting a lot of the action and caught this one of her during her solo routine. She's doing a spin with her hand in the water, which creates the curtain of water as she goes. I'm glad I was able to catch it so that she can be seen peeking through a gap in the splash.

Splash IMG_4922

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Friday's Photo – Synchro Height

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May 062011

The Canadian Open synchronized swimming national championships have come and gone and I'm happy and proud to report that my daughter's team claimed the Gold in their event! (and a few others :)

So continuing with that theme, here's another one of my favourite shots from the Provincials competition that seems so long ago now. Here are two of my daughter's teammates performing another routine. The rest of the team is underwater providing support and a 'launchpad'. The girl in the air was sent flying from standing on the shoulders of the one you see in the water. These shots are always a challenge to capture because you only get one chance and they occur in mere seconds. After almost 8 years of practice, I still miss a lot of these, but I'm glad I was able to catch this one!

Synchro Height IMG_8689
Synchro Height IMG_8689

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