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Apr 282013

I've been away from the blog for quite a while as I've spent a lot more time "mini-blogging" over on Google+ instead. I found myself with a bit of (rare) free time, so I wanted to dust this thing off and start posting some photography again.

So to get the ball rolling again, I wanted to share a few seascapes from beautiful British Columbia that I took last year and finally got to reviewing/editing recently.

BC Seascape IMG_0590

BC Seascape IMG_0610

BC Seascape IMG_0644

BC Seascape IMG_0658

BC Seascape IMG_0601

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Project52 – Sunset Colours

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Aug 262012

I've recently acquired a Canon 5D Mk1 (used, of course) and am trying to get the hang of it. It's a little tricky using it compared to the 7D, which has been my primary for the last couple of years or so. A lot of the controls feel like they're in the wrong place and its ergonomics just feels off.

Anyway, I took it out to shoot some landscapes earlier this week for the Project52 'Sunsets' theme. This one was taken in the deep SE of Calgary, not too far from the city limits.

Sunset Colours IMG_0009

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Project52 – Vancouver Island Sunset

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May 312012

We continue with our catch-up photos for Project52 from my time away. This one is for week 19's 'Sky and Clouds' theme. This was taken as we were arriving at Vancouver Island on the ferry while sunset approached. The surprise challenge in getting this shot was probably staying steady and upright while the ferry moved about.

Vancouver Island Sunset IMG_0613

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Feb 032012

As I continue to review and clean up my archives, I've been trying to conceptually group some photos together into some kind of common topic. For today's photos, I've grouped a number of cloudscapes I took at various times a couple of years ago. We really do get some great cloud shots here in Calgary.

Cloudscape IMG_9022

Cloudscape IMG_0034

Cloudscape IMG_1137

Cloudscape IMG_1365

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