Site Upgrade and Facelift

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Aug 152010

Welcome to the new site! Or rather, the new look-and-feel of the same site! Due to some accidental work behind-the-scenes, we were forced to upgrade the server software to the latest and greatest versions.

This also marks the end of the WordPress-based online store. We are moving the functionality over to our Gallery online store, so you will still be able to access and shop online for our photos and videos with the same credentials that you had previously.

We're working hard to get the rest of the site working again and even adding a few new features as we go.. Thanks for your patience!

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New Stuff for the New Year

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Jan 102010

Greetings all! And a belated Happy New Year to everyone!

We have a lot of new things in the works for the year, including a renewed focus on all of our projects here at blargmedia. We have some great photography work happening along with a lot of exciting things in our other areas. One of the new things we are going to try this year is becoming more involved with the so-called social media. You can now follow us on sites like Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with what we're working on.. Just click on those icons to the top left!

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Gallery Site Unavailable^WFixed

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Sep 132009

Our sincerest apologies, but our Gallery site is currently unavailable due to some serious technical issues. We are working to restore it as soon as possible, but are as yet unsure when it will be available again. Please bear with us as we work through this.

Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE: Thanks to the help of the fine support folks at my hosting provider, they were able to repair the database tables and restore the gallery successfully!

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Murphy's Law

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May 012009

Of course, after I send out notifications that my online services were ready for general use, the servers blow up! Apologies to all those that tried to access the site over the last day or so. All should be well and back to normal again. Thanks especially to my hosting provider for their help and speedy response!

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Server Maintenance

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Apr 292009

The servers this site runs on will be undergoing some maintenance and hardware/software upgrades over the next couple of days. Please bear with us if you notice anything glitchy going on. Thanks for your patience!

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