Project52 – New Growth

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Sep 212012

A little late on this post for the 'In the Garden' theme. We recently had some landscaping done and while the new plants didn't look like they were faring too well, we're starting to see some new growth now that they've had a bit more time to take root.

New Growth IMG_0031

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Project52 – Sunset Colours

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Aug 262012

I've recently acquired a Canon 5D Mk1 (used, of course) and am trying to get the hang of it. It's a little tricky using it compared to the 7D, which has been my primary for the last couple of years or so. A lot of the controls feel like they're in the wrong place and its ergonomics just feels off.

Anyway, I took it out to shoot some landscapes earlier this week for the Project52 'Sunsets' theme. This one was taken in the deep SE of Calgary, not too far from the city limits.

Sunset Colours IMG_0009

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Project52 – Foraging

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Jul 282012

Still working on my backlog since my son was born. I swear, time takes on a whole new meaning with a newborn in the house. :)

Anyway, for the Project52 'Summer/Winter' theme from a couple of weeks ago, here's a shot of a bumblebee foraging in a purple flower that I saw on a random walk back then. Nothing says summer quite like bright flowers and all the extra insects buzzing around looking for nectar in them.

Foraging IMG_1183

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Project52 – Stampede Flags

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Jul 112012

This week, for the Project52 'My Hometown' theme, it's Stampede week! Throughout downtown Calgary, most (all?) of the traffic lights are adorned with these 100th anniversary flags of the "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth"! For 10 days, thousands of people will descend on the Stampede Grounds to enjoy a celebration of Calgary's western heritage with food, games, concerts, rodeos, midway rides, and much more.. Check it out –

Stampede Flags IMG_0443

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Project52 – City Hall

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Jul 022012

For this week's Project 52 'Red, White, and Blue' theme, I have a shot from our local Google Plus anniversary photo walk. While the theme originally sounded like it was aimed at the US, I appreciate the modification to include 'My Colours' as well – just in time for Canada Day!

Here we have the flags for the Calgary Stampede, Canada, and Alberta flying at Olympic Plaza in front of Calgary's city hall building. There's also a nicely distorted reflection of the Calgary Tower in its windows.

City Hall IMG_0493

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