A Last Look

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Jun 242012

I've been working outside of Calgary's downtown core for the last few years and while it was annoying at first, I got quite used to it. After some recent changes in my role at work, I'm being called back to the core starting next month. So I hopped outside and took a few shots of the scenery with my phone. Man, I'm gonna miss this view.

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A New Perspective

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Jun 232012

I had a meeting in the office tower I'm moving to for work earlier this month. I hadn't seen the city from this perspective before, so I had to take a few shots. Here's a view of the City of Calgary looking south from downtown.

A New Perspective IMG_9453

Looking out a different window, we have a view of Eighth Avenue Place, trying to partially camouflage itself against the sky.

A New Perspective IMG_9457

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April (Frozen) Showers

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Apr 132012

We saw a lot of precipitation here in Calgary yesterday. It started out as rain throughout the day and as the evening approached, it turned to snow. Of course, this no longer comes as a surprise to many of us who live here. By the time I got home, it was starting to accumulate, so I snapped a few shots of the big fluffy flakes of snow as it was coming down.

April (Frozen) Showers IMG_0083

April (Frozen) Showers IMG_0094

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Rockyview Hospital

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Mar 162012

Sometime last summer I had my 70-200 with me at work in an attempt to capture the local wildlife. There were a few big birds flying around our building during the day, including a hawk that was seemed to be hunting for food. While I was at it, I took a few landscape shots as well. Here's one of the Rockyview General Hospital in SW Calgary. Now, I was already impressed by this lens, but after looking at a map, I saw that the hospital was about 3.2 km away from where I was, which impressed me even further.

Rockyview Hospital IMG_9317

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