Sisterly Love

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Nov 122012

It's been pointed out that I've been a little lax in updating some photos of our new baby, Liam. While going through what I've taken over the last couple of months, I noticed a small theme for some of them – his big sister just adores him. :)

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First Few Weeks at Home

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Sep 222012

It's been a little while since I've updated the blog with some new photos of Liam. Here's a few shots from his first few weeks at home, experimenting with some facial expressions. :)

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Last Few Days at the Hospital

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Aug 142012

Today, my new son is one month old! I've been neglecting the blog a bit trying to get various things done, but here's a few shots of Liam's last few days at the hospital. He was actually transferred from Foothills to Rockyview's NICU in the middle of the week, which was a great relief for us because it cut the commute time for visits in half. :)

My 3-year-old had a great time welcoming her new little brother..

And we finally got the go ahead to bring him home after a little over a week!

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Liam's First Few Days

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Jul 282012

Further to my last post, here's a few photos from Liam's first few days in the hospital. He was born 5 weeks early, so he needed to stay in the NICU for a little while. He initially had some trouble breathing, so he was fitted with a CPAP to keep his lungs open until he could reliably breathe on his own.

After about 24 hours, his breathing had stabilized and the CPAP was able to come off.

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Introducing Liam

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Jul 262012

So the first post I have to make now that our site is (mostly) back, is to introduce my new son.. Please welcome Liam Arryn Xavier! Born July 14th, measuring 2390g and 47cm. :D

As you might be able to imagine, I haven't had much time to review the photos on my camera yet, so here is the first one of him from my phone.. (taken with a Galaxy Nexus and processed in Aviary)

Once I catch up a bit on some of my backlog, I'll post some more photos. :)

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