Ice on the Rocks

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Jan 132012

Continuing from the earlier frozen puddle shots, here i a similar one from my archives of some ice that formed over a gravel surface.

Ice on the Rocks IMG_5904

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Project52 – Frozen Puddle

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Jan 092012

This week's Project52 theme is 'Summer/Winter'. As it's technically winter here in the northern hemisphere, that was the direction I took when I went looking for something representative of this theme. Unfortunatley, the weather here in Calgary has been unusually mild so far, with temperatures during the day regularly above zero and even venturing into the teens, thanks to our chinooks.

As such, there isn't really much around that fits well with this week's theme. However, there are a lot of puddles all over the place and when they freeze overnight, they create some neat crystalline patterns. Here's a couple of the shots I was happy with.

Frozen Puddle IMG_4155

Frozen Puddle IMG_4157

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