Project52 – Water Drops

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Jun 252012

For this week's 'Water' theme, I was originally going to try doing some of those large-objects-in-fish-tanks types of photos, but I couldn't find a clear container in the house that I could use. So instead, I went back to trying some more water drops. 500+ shots later, I got a handful I was pretty happy with, but there's still a lot more practice to be had with these.

Water Drops IMG_9761

Water Drops IMG_9730

Water Drops IMG_9912

Water Drops IMG_9924

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Project52 – Milk and Coffee

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Apr 242012

I was playing around with some water drop photography on the weekend, or more accurately, coffee-and-milk-drop photography for this week's 'Kitchen' theme. Hundreds of shots later, I'm still not terribly happy with the results, but I thought was one of the better ones of the bunch. I'm going to have to give this another try sometime.

Milk and Coffee IMG_0393

Here's a shot of the setup for this. The android tablet is controlling the camera, which is set for continuous shooting. I set it off and let it go for around 20 shots (don't want to overheat the flash) and then check the results. Repeat 30-50 times or thereabouts. :)

Milk and Coffee Setup

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Water Drop Photos

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May 092010

Gizmodo's photo challenge this week was to capture a water drop like you see in those neat high-speed photography shots. They supplied a few links to some tutorials for capturing these images yourself and I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical of the possibility.

Not one to give up without trying, I set things up based on this tutorial at ePHOTOzine and experimented from there. I ended up shooting on Manual at 1/160 and f/22 with my flash at 1/64.

After much trial and error (and around 400 shots), I ended up with a few I was happy with. Here is the one I submitted:


The rest of the "good" ones can be found in our gallery site. Enjoy!

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