DVDs Available for Purchase

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Jul 092009

The final Calgary Aquabelles DVDs from the 2008-2009 season are now available at our online store. This includes all the remaining NAG competitions, including the Nationals for both Tiers 6 and 7.

You are also able to watch them online for free at our Gallery Site, though specific permissions are required. You should have received the instructions for registration/setup in a previous email.


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Online Store Beta

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Feb 162009

We're currently in the process of bringing an online store to this site! We'll be putting up our library of multimedia productions in short order, but in the meantime, please don't mind the mess while we put the shopping modules through their paces.

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UANA DVDs Finished

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Oct 152008

The official DVDs from the 2008 UANA Synchro Championships have been completed and are now on their way. They were edited and produced by Max Sound Studios here in town, with whom we worked during the competition as 'Camera 2' as well as having a minor hand in the post-production.

It was a great experience having an international meet in our neck of the woods, and we'd especially like to thank Synchro Canada and Synchro Alberta for getting us involved with the production of the official DVD.

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DVD Production Backlog

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Apr 102008

My apologies for the long wait on the DVD production. We've got a backlog of about 8 of them in the pipeline that we're furiously working on as much as we are able. Hopefully, they'll be done Soonâ„¢. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE: We're caught up! Now I'm digging through the archives to see if there's anything else I can DVD-ise.

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