Google Plus Photo Walk – Part 3

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Sep 232012

We continue with the third part of my photos from the Calgary Google Plus Photo Walk. This is some of the architecture of downtown Calgary as we made our way into the core.

We're greeted on the Centre Street Bridge with a helpful pointer to the iconic Calgary Tower.

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0354

Then we passed through the gates guarded by the stone lions on the four corners of the Centre Street Bridge.

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0363

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0365

The view from the bridge itself is great – it's a shame the heavy rainfall we had in the weeks prior to the walk had really stirred up the sediment in the river, making it look quite murky.

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0373

And I'll close out this post with a shot of the bridge itself.

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0379

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