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Apr 282013

I've been away from the blog for quite a while as I've spent a lot more time "mini-blogging" over on Google+ instead. I found myself with a bit of (rare) free time, so I wanted to dust this thing off and start posting some photography again.

So to get the ball rolling again, I wanted to share a few seascapes from beautiful British Columbia that I took last year and finally got to reviewing/editing recently.

BC Seascape IMG_0590

BC Seascape IMG_0610

BC Seascape IMG_0644

BC Seascape IMG_0658

BC Seascape IMG_0601

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Friday's Photo – Back to Alberta

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Sep 232011

I thought I would finish up with the photos from our trip to Kelowna last summer with a few more shots I took as we drove back home to Alberta. Of course, the dominant land feature along the way were the Rocky Mountains, which usually makes for some nice scenery.

Back to Alberta IMG_8568

Back to Alberta IMG_8572

Back to Alberta IMG_8580

Back to Alberta IMG_8586

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