Introducing Liam

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Jul 262012

So the first post I have to make now that our site is (mostly) back, is to introduce my new son.. Please welcome Liam Arryn Xavier! Born July 14th, measuring 2390g and 47cm. :D

As you might be able to imagine, I haven't had much time to review the photos on my camera yet, so here is the first one of him from my phone.. (taken with a Galaxy Nexus and processed in Aviary)

Once I catch up a bit on some of my backlog, I'll post some more photos. :)

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A Last Look

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Jun 242012

I've been working outside of Calgary's downtown core for the last few years and while it was annoying at first, I got quite used to it. After some recent changes in my role at work, I'm being called back to the core starting next month. So I hopped outside and took a few shots of the scenery with my phone. Man, I'm gonna miss this view.

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