A favourite pastime around here is playing video games. Of particular interest are those in the role-playing or real-time strategy genres, though I've been known to enjoy the odd first-person shooter or puzzle style game every now and again. In this section, you'll see how I'm involved in the gaming community at large.

Legend of the Green Dragon

As a classic BBSer from back in the day, it surprised me to no end to find that one of the greats, Seth Robinson's Legend of the Red Dragon was re-imagined for the Web as Legend of the Green Dragon. Not only that, but it has been released as open source, making it available to anyone who wants to help develop it or just to run it. Naturally, I chose to help develop it.

I've designed a number of the core templates (skins) for the game, including the vainly-named 'blarg', the IDE-like 'vcpp', the nostalgic 'amber', and the popular 'ailean'.

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Having done that, I've authored the Skinning Quick-Reference Guide for LotGD.

In addition, I've also coded a number of core gameplay modules such as the wily Ferryman, the risky Ramius' Blessing, and the silly Chicken Mage specialty.

You'll often find me in one of these places:

City of Heroes / City of Villains

What kind of gaming section would this be if there wasn't a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (or MMOG) on it? While I've tried a few (yes, including World of Warcraft), my virtual universe of choice is City of Heroes/City of Villains. After all, what better match could there be for a big comic book fan?

Galactic Control

This is a fun play-by-email role-playing game developed by a bunch of friends starting in 1995. It's grown and evolved tremendously over the last several years. I've been a player since inception as well as an occasional 'Game Controller' (the DM). If you enjoy RPGs and can stand to play one by email, give it a shot.

I even wrote some software to help parse the order results into a pretty HTML-based map. Head on over to the Technology section to find it.

Places to Visit:

Game Mods

At several points in time, I had aspirations to mod many existing games. This all started with Doom, where some of the earliest mod-making tools were freely available and anyone could create their own addons. From there, I moved on to Quake and Unreal, but at that point, my hardware was quite lacking (advent of 3d graphics, after all) and I ultimately never had time to finish any of those mods. Bioware's wonderful Neverwinter Nights was next up on the list with its amazing Aurora toolset. Those tools were incredibly complex and again I only have a module in an unfinished state. One of these days, I'll get around to finishing everything.

But until then, for anyone interested, here are the ones that I did get into a finished state and publicly released:

Freedom Force

Freedom Force is an excellent tactical RPG from Irrational Games. It is based on the style of superhero comic books from the 60s. AND it came with a skinning tool, which I just had to try.

Nova SkinThis is Nova's red costume from his early "Kid Nova" days in the New Warriors comic book from Marvel Comics.

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Doom II

Ah, good ol' Doom II. This was the game I cut my teeth on as far as game-modding goes. I used to work at a local McDonald's restaurant, so I thought that a great idea would be to map out our store and play in it. I only ever made one level that I considered release-able.

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