SWU Outdoor Photos

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Aug 112016

My latest photos for the SWU Soccer Club's Tier 2 BU18 team are now available for viewing!

It's been a fun season, with so many close games that could really have gone either way. Sadly, we just missed qualifying for the Alberta Provincials this year. Hopefully I was able to capture something for the boys and you can find some good memories here for you to enjoy!

Here's the link: SWU 2016 Outdoor Photo Gallery


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It's Alive!

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Aug 102016


Thought I'd revisit the ol' blog and dust it off again. A few system and software updates along with some configuration tweaks here and there and it's starting to shape up a bit. While I'd been posting photos and things elsewhere on social media, I had been neglecting this thing for a while now and wanted to try bringing it back to life.

So much has happened in the last couple of years, but let's kick things off with some relatively new photos for this new dawn! <groan> :)

Seton Sunrise IMG_8847

Seton Sunrise IMG_8871

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Jan 052013

Happy (belated) New Year!

One of the things I like to do at the beginning of the year is take a look back at my work from last year and try to pick out my best shots from my library. With the passing of another year, I've grown so much more in photography. I've met a lot of photographers both online and offline, learned a lot of new techniques and tools, had my biggest year yet in terms of sales for my photography business, and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Here, then, are my top 12 photos from 2012 in no particular order:

Frozen Puddle IMG_4155

Vancouver Island Sunset IMG_0559

Vancouver Island Sunset IMG_0613b

Bricks IMG_0678

Yellow Flower IMG_0322

Floating IMG_0514b

Into the Blue IMG_0544a

Peeking IMG_0596

Clouds Over the Bow IMG_0703

Sunset Colours IMG_0009

Hiding IMG_2035

New Growth IMG_0031

Thanks for a wonderful year – looking forward to 2013! Cheers!

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2012 Real World Hero Charity Drive

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Nov 062012
Join the RealWorldHero.com Donation Drive!

It's time once again for the Real World Hero annual donation campaign! This is a charity drive by players of the MMORPG City of Heroes.

Despite the impending end of our amazing game world, the always hard-working Wentworths have put together a number of events to help benefit four charities – Child's Play, Donate Games, Operation Gratitude, and Heifer International.

As a part of this, they're also running an auction until this Saturday night (November 10th) with a variety of items, including City of Heroes merchandise, comic art, collectables, and a number of hand-crafted items.

As we did last year, once again I am donating one of my photography art prints to their cause. Check out their auction page to see what's available and place your bids!

Vancouver Island Sunset IMG_0559

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Dark 500px V2

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Jul 292012

A while back, I posted a Stylish userstyle for 500px.com. Since then, the folks at 500px have gone through a bit of a redesign and things have been broken with this style. I was originally planning to work on adding some more of my photos to my portfolio there, but I got distracted by the broken CSS and ended up trying to fix it instead. Oh well, I'll add more photos later. :)

Here are a couple of screenshots of the updated 'Version 2' of the style:

Photo Grid

Photo Page

To install this style, you will need to install Stylish first – here's a couple of links for the Mozilla version and the Chrome version. Then you can download/install 'Dark 500px V2' directly from userstyles.org.

Feedback welcome and appreciated.. Enjoy!

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