Welcome to blargmedia! Or if you're case-sensitive, BlargMedia. ;-)

We are a small group of artistically inclined techies and technologically skilled artists. Based in Western Canada and spearheaded by Benjamin 'blarg' Wong, we aim to merge these two very different worlds into a cohesive whole.

Here at blargmedia, you'll find a variety of items to peruse, from programming projects, to works of art, with a smattering of fun throughout. Please feel free to wander around and enjoy your stay!

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services covering many areas and skillsets,

  • Software Development
    – Primarily for the Linux/UNIX platforms, with a particular focus on scripting languages.

  • Web Design
    – Making open source web software work for specific needs.
    – Website setup, configuration, customization, and training.

  • Art and Graphic Design
    – Creating custom artwork and digitizing it for websites, merchandising, branding.

  • Photography
    – Photo shoots for sporting events, team and group shots, products and organizations.

  • Videography
    – Event recording, video editing, and DVD production.

Our Clients

Here is a partial list of our clients past and present.

Mini FAQ

What's a Blarg?

Actually, it's 'blarg' (lowercase preferred). It's an online nickname that Ben had adopted a while back.

But where did the name come from?

Well, in a lot of the software he has written in the past, he would often use strangely-named variables for throwaway or temporary data. A particular geek favourite, of course, is the 'foo' series (foo, bar, baz, qux). But after a while, he was getting tired of using 'foo' and started using 'blarg' in a lot of places. Then he once signed an email with 'blaaaaarrgh' (used in this case as an expression of exasperation) and it's basically stuck ever since.

Hey, I've seen you! Aren't you on <some other website/game/wherever>?

Possibly. As it turns out, there's a lot of blargs out there. I'm but one in the grand scheme of the internet. Indeed, I've long missed out on getting blarg.[com|net|org|ca]. Ah well.


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