Dec 082012

For this installment of reviewing the G+ photo walk I went on earlier this year, I thought I would experiment a bit with some post-processing. Here's some of the results of some colour adjustments as well as some black and white conversions using a combination of Aperture and OnOne's Perfect Photo Suite.

A flower floating by in the wading pool at Olympic Plaza:

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0514a

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0514b

The facade of the One Palliser Square building:

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0544a

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0544a

The base of a lamp post along Stephen Avenue:

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0572a

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0572b

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