Nov 062012
Join the Donation Drive!

It's time once again for the Real World Hero annual donation campaign! This is a charity drive by players of the MMORPG City of Heroes.

Despite the impending end of our amazing game world, the always hard-working Wentworths have put together a number of events to help benefit four charities – Child's Play, Donate Games, Operation Gratitude, and Heifer International.

As a part of this, they're also running an auction until this Saturday night (November 10th) with a variety of items, including City of Heroes merchandise, comic art, collectables, and a number of hand-crafted items.

As we did last year, once again I am donating one of my photography art prints to their cause. Check out their auction page to see what's available and place your bids!

Vancouver Island Sunset IMG_0559

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