Sep 292012

On September 8, heroes throughout Paragon City gathered in Atlas Park to stand vigil against NCSoft's announcement of the impending shutdown of City of Heroes. Organized by TonyV of the Titan Network, some 5,000 heroes or so arrived to show their support for the game and the game's development team, Paragon Studios. We managed to cause the Virtue server to spawn 33 Atlas Park instances, with queues to even log in. The players continued on to the Freedom (which also reached queuing status) and Infinity servers.

By the time I logged in (and I thought I was early), there were already 10 Atlas Parks. Since the first 8 were full, I headed over to 9. Here then, are a few shots from the rally on Atlas Park 9. (click to embiggen)

And a closer view of my character on the steps of City Hall.

Keep on fighting the good fight, heroes! We're not done yet – as a reminder, here are the links to the efforts to #SaveCoH!

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