Atlas Park Unity Rally

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Sep 292012

On September 8, heroes throughout Paragon City gathered in Atlas Park to stand vigil against NCSoft's announcement of the impending shutdown of City of Heroes. Organized by TonyV of the Titan Network, some 5,000 heroes or so arrived to show their support for the game and the game's development team, Paragon Studios. We managed to cause the Virtue server to spawn 33 Atlas Park instances, with queues to even log in. The players continued on to the Freedom (which also reached queuing status) and Infinity servers.

By the time I logged in (and I thought I was early), there were already 10 Atlas Parks. Since the first 8 were full, I headed over to 9. Here then, are a few shots from the rally on Atlas Park 9. (click to embiggen)

And a closer view of my character on the steps of City Hall.

Keep on fighting the good fight, heroes! We're not done yet – as a reminder, here are the links to the efforts to #SaveCoH!

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Google Plus Photo Walk – Part 3

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Sep 232012

We continue with the third part of my photos from the Calgary Google Plus Photo Walk. This is some of the architecture of downtown Calgary as we made our way into the core.

We're greeted on the Centre Street Bridge with a helpful pointer to the iconic Calgary Tower.

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0354

Then we passed through the gates guarded by the stone lions on the four corners of the Centre Street Bridge.

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0363

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0365

The view from the bridge itself is great – it's a shame the heavy rainfall we had in the weeks prior to the walk had really stirred up the sediment in the river, making it look quite murky.

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0373

And I'll close out this post with a shot of the bridge itself.

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0379

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First Few Weeks at Home

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Sep 222012

It's been a little while since I've updated the blog with some new photos of Liam. Here's a few shots from his first few weeks at home, experimenting with some facial expressions. :)

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Project52 – New Growth

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Sep 212012

A little late on this post for the 'In the Garden' theme. We recently had some landscaping done and while the new plants didn't look like they were faring too well, we're starting to see some new growth now that they've had a bit more time to take root.

New Growth IMG_0031

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Sep 072012

It's taken me a little while to put together this post as I'm still trying to process the information. Last week, Paragon Studios was given the difficult task of informing its players that their publisher, NCSoft, has terminated City of Heroes.

Like many of the players, I was shocked, surprised, and certainly upset with this decision. Paragon City has been like a second home to me. CoH was the first MMO I ever played, and certainly the one I've stayed with the longest, having been subscribed nearly 7 years now.

In that time, I've accumulated so many great memories and have met and become friends with so many awesome folks from all over the world. So for the next little while, please bear with me as I indulge in some of those memories with some blog posts reminiscing about those awesome times. :)

But before I get to that, I just wanted to point out a few initiatives being put together by the player community. Many of the efforts to save City of Heroes are being coordinated by the Titan Network and the heroicly tireless TonyV.

I'll start at the beginning. I had been working for about a year as one of the Core Devs on a little open source browser game called Legend of the Green Dragon. One of the co-founders, with whom I'd become good friends with, sent me a CoH buddy code, suggesting that it might be something I'd enjoy since we'd shared an interest in comic books.

I figured why not and signed up. After taking forever to select an archetype (Scrapper), power sets (Dark Melee / Regeneration), make a costume (a Nova homage), and come up with a name (I had no idea how common the 'Dark' prefix was), I finally got in to the Outbreak tutorial zone and got my first badge – Celebrant! Which of course was followed by Isolator, after some other helpful player explained to me what badges were.

For my free trial period, I was brought along to a lot of things my friend was already involved in. I was sidekicked a lot running with his super group all over the place. We were doing missions, story arcs, street sweeping, etc., etc.

After playing for a little while, and really having a lot of fun, I was still not yet convinced to commit to the $15 a month to play this game. My free trial was ending soon and I didn't really think too much of it. After all, I had a ton of other games to play anyway – plenty to keep me entertained.

And then I hit level 14.


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