Project52 – Sunset Colours

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Aug 262012

I've recently acquired a Canon 5D Mk1 (used, of course) and am trying to get the hang of it. It's a little tricky using it compared to the 7D, which has been my primary for the last couple of years or so. A lot of the controls feel like they're in the wrong place and its ergonomics just feels off.

Anyway, I took it out to shoot some landscapes earlier this week for the Project52 'Sunsets' theme. This one was taken in the deep SE of Calgary, not too far from the city limits.

Sunset Colours IMG_0009

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Google Plus Photo Walk – Part 2

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Aug 182012

It's been a little while since I posted my first set of photos from the Google Plus Photo Walk, so I'm trying to catch up a bit. For this next batch, here's a few of the flower shots I took as we started to make our way toward the Centre Street Bridge and head into downtown.

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0322

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0306

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0344

G+AnniversaryYYC IMG_0346

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Last Few Days at the Hospital

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Aug 142012

Today, my new son is one month old! I've been neglecting the blog a bit trying to get various things done, but here's a few shots of Liam's last few days at the hospital. He was actually transferred from Foothills to Rockyview's NICU in the middle of the week, which was a great relief for us because it cut the commute time for visits in half. :)

My 3-year-old had a great time welcoming her new little brother..

And we finally got the go ahead to bring him home after a little over a week!

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