Jun 182012

Is it too late to write a post about this year's Calgary Expo? It's only been almost two months since it was here. :P

Unfortunately, this was again a pretty disappointing show for me. I wasn't able to attend any of the panels I had originally planned and the signing/photo times just didn't match up well with my family's schedule. But more disappointing than that was that we couldn't even get into the show on Saturday as it had apparently reached capacity, despite the massive crowd still trying to get in, many with previously purchased passes (us being among them). The overcrowding actually caused the fire marshal to shut down the doors and refuse entrance to new ticket buyers and pass-holders alike.

At any rate, I did get to go for a few hours on the Friday and Sunday and I finally had a chance to take a look through the photos I took while I was there. I was actually surprised at how few shots I got that turned out, but please bear with me as I try to remember some of my experiences at the show based on these… (click the thumbnails to embiggen)

First up is an elaborate lego construction piece put together by the Southern Alberta Lego Users Group:


The DeLorean from Back to the Future also made an appearance, with photo ops proceeds going to help the Michael J. Fox Foundation:


There were a lot of comic creators and celebrities there – after all, the Calgary Expo also hosted the reunion of the Star Trek: The Next Generation original cast this year. And as fate would have it, I managed to miss their appearances. One of the things I've noticed about the show is how much the celebrity guests have now overshadowed the comic book guests. The lines for the celebrities were crazy long while the comic creators had barely any wait times. Maybe that's the old curmudgeon in me, but I do miss the smaller 'feel' of the expo in the show's early years. Garrett Wang did pause to strike a pose for me though, so that was pretty cool. :)





And of course, a comicon wouldn't be complete without its cosplayers, so here's a few shots of some of the folks I captured there:





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