Project52 – Milk and Coffee

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Apr 242012

I was playing around with some water drop photography on the weekend, or more accurately, coffee-and-milk-drop photography for this week's 'Kitchen' theme. Hundreds of shots later, I'm still not terribly happy with the results, but I thought was one of the better ones of the bunch. I'm going to have to give this another try sometime.

Milk and Coffee IMG_0393

Here's a shot of the setup for this. The android tablet is controlling the camera, which is set for continuous shooting. I set it off and let it go for around 20 shots (don't want to overheat the flash) and then check the results. Repeat 30-50 times or thereabouts. :)

Milk and Coffee Setup

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Project52 – Old Card

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Apr 192012

I'm a bit of a computer packrat, so for my belated post to last week's Project52 'technology' theme, I dug out a number of old cards and other computer bits that I've accumulated over the years. While I took a number of photos of various sound, video, and other cards, I liked how this one turned out the best.

Old Card IMG_0115

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April (Frozen) Showers

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Apr 132012

We saw a lot of precipitation here in Calgary yesterday. It started out as rain throughout the day and as the evening approached, it turned to snow. Of course, this no longer comes as a surprise to many of us who live here. By the time I got home, it was starting to accumulate, so I snapped a few shots of the big fluffy flakes of snow as it was coming down.

April (Frozen) Showers IMG_0083

April (Frozen) Showers IMG_0094

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Project52 – Aftermath

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Apr 102012

For this week's Easter theme, I thought I would show what's left of my 2 year old's basket of goodies. No, she didn't eat all of that – mom and dad had a share too, of course. ;) Hurray for candy weekend!

Aftermath IMG_0080

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Project52 – Full Moon

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Apr 042012

I took a bye on last week's Project52 'Night' theme. Unfortunately, I just hadn't had a chance to get out and shoot due to some RL things going on. So instead, I thought I'd cop out with a a full moon shot from my archives that I took a few months ago. :)
I should be back at it for next week's theme.

Full Moon IMG_4417

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