Project52 – Starlight

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Mar 262012

For this week's 'Playing with Light' theme for Project52, here is a shot of one of those electric candle dish nightlight thingies. My wife bought a number of these from a swimming fundraiser along with a bunch of scented wax blocks. This particular one smells of apple pie, which permeates the entire main floor of the house when it's turned on. Mmmm.. pie..

Starlight IMG_0025

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Project52 – Mini Station

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Mar 202012

I know I'm a day late with this post, but my last week or so had really gotten away from me and kept me mostly offline.

Anyway, for last week's Project52 theme of 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles', I have this shot of one of the Park-n-Ride transit stations here in Calgary. My office building affords me a great bird's eye view of this station, so I just had to attempt one of those tilt-shift miniature types of shots. The post-processing was done in onOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite.

Mini Station IMG_0014

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Rockyview Hospital

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Mar 162012

Sometime last summer I had my 70-200 with me at work in an attempt to capture the local wildlife. There were a few big birds flying around our building during the day, including a hawk that was seemed to be hunting for food. While I was at it, I took a few landscape shots as well. Here's one of the Rockyview General Hospital in SW Calgary. Now, I was already impressed by this lens, but after looking at a map, I saw that the hospital was about 3.2 km away from where I was, which impressed me even further.

Rockyview Hospital IMG_9317

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Project52 – Out with the Cold

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Mar 122012

For this week's Project52 theme of 'Spring', I took this shot of what it seems like we're seeing a lot of here in Calgary. The snow is melting, but it's getting pretty dirty in the meantime. Of course, it then melts onto the dead grass, pooling into little puddles of mud. Can't wait until it's all gone and the foliage actually starts to turn green again!

Out with the Cold IMG_0005

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