Project52 – Conference Call

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Feb 272012

For this week's 'In the Workplace' theme for Project52, I took a number of photos around the office where I work. I opted to try shooting a number of closeups of some common office doodads like phones, computers, and such.

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time talking to one of these. Ah, meetings. So many meetings.

Conference Call IMG_9137

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Project52 – From Above

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Feb 202012

We were up in Edmonton for the Synchro Alberta Provincials competition this past weekend. This was my daughter's first out-of-town competition of the season and I figured there would be plenty of photographers around to try and capture for this week's 'Other Photographers' theme. I noticed a couple of them opted to shoot from the diving platforms above the pool – one on the 3m and the other on the 5m. Not sure if I could have done that myself. Not really because of the height, but because I'd be too paranoid of leaning forward just a little too far and falling in.

From Above IMG_8050

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Truck Spray

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Feb 172012

For this week's photo from the archives, we go back a couple of years. We had an intense hail/rain storm in our neighbourhood that flooded a number of areas. This truck is splashing through one of the main intersections a few blocks from our house in SE Calgary.

Truck Spray IMG_0737

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Plus One Collection for Charity

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Feb 112012

I've been offline for a few days and while skimming through my stream, I saw that the Plus One Collection Limited Edition print book has been released!

This edition of the book is only available for purchase on the website until February 20th, 2012 and this will be the only print run of the limited edition (the regular edition will be made available after this one ends). All proceeds go to the non-profit organization Kiva.

Congrats to everyone who is in the print edition – some amazing names in that list! Unfortunately, while I didn't make the cut for the print book, my photo still appears in the e-book. I can't say I'm terribly surprised, given the calibre of photographers on G+, but it was a fun experience being included in this effort!

Kudos to Ivan Makarov, the brains behind the entire operation, and everyone who helped him put this together! What a great way for the Google Plus photography community to come together and help Kiva!

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