Jan 032012

Now that the holidays have passed, it's time to look ahead to 2012 and see what's in store for us around here! I'm not going to go into any new years resolutions or anything like that, but if you must know, 1920×1200. *ba-dum-tsshhh* *tumbleweeds*

One of the things I've decided to join this year is the 2012 Project 52 happening over on Google+. This is a group of 450+ photographers of all levels from around the world committing to taking and posting at least one photo a week based on a weekly theme. It sounded like a fun challenge, and certainly a lot more doable than a 366 Project, so I thought I would give it a try. It also gives me a good excuse to get out and shoot a lot more. In addition to this, I'll be continuing with our weekly post from our own archives, so hopefully I'll be able to effectively pull off a Project 104. *fingers crossed*

So to kick of 2012, here's my first shot for the Google+ Project 52. The first theme last week was "New Years Eve/Day". I made a post-new-years dinner yesterday which was a bacon-wrapped roast turkey (along with a bunch of sides, but the turkey was the star). It actually turned out really well and was a great hit with the family!

Turbacon IMG_3995

Turbacon IMG_4011

Happy New Year!

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