Dec 302011

Since today is the last Friday of 2011, for this week's photos, I thought I would jump on the trend I've noticed over on Google+ where many photographers have been going back into their 2011 archives and picking out their best photos from this past year. (Check out the hashtags #TopPhotos2011 and #bestphotos2011 to see some great examples)

Now, I've limited the choices to my non-sports photos to keep the selection small and relatively manageable (I might review my sports photos in a future post). Even then, it was still tough to trim it down to only 11. Anyway, in no particular order, here are my favourite photos from 2011.. Enjoy!

(1) We begin with this view of the Rocky Mountains silhouetted against a sunset, which kicked off my efforts to do a weekly photo blog post.

Mountain Sunset IMG_5297

(2) Next is this shot of my two-year-old chasing after a soccer ball on the field where my son was getting ready for a game:

First to the Ball IMG_0864

(3) This one is from a sunrise during a chinook in Calgary where we often get some great photogenic clouds:

Cotton Candy Sky IMG_9265

(4) I was playing around with depth of field when I took this shot on a well-maintained outdoor soccer pitch:

Boundary IMG_4342

(5) In a rare occurance, I was able to make it to the Calgary Stampede this year where I took this one from below one of the ferris wheels on the grounds:

Stampede Ferris Wheel IMG_9364

(6) We took a trip out to Kelowna last summer where we spent a bit of time at one of the beaches there. Here is a relaxing view of a boat floating on Lake Okanagan:

Floating IMG_7768

(7) On our return from Kelowna, I was able to take a number of photos as we drove back through the mountains. Here's my favourite among them:

Back to Alberta IMG_8586

(8) Another one of my favourite sunrise shots was taken from the office building where I work. We have some balconies we can go out on and I couldn't resist when I saw this view toward downtown Calgary:

Office Sunrise IMG_3132

(9) We took the kids to the Calgary Zoo and I took a number of photos while we were there. I especially enjoyed trying to get a number of closeups of flowers in the conservatory, such as this one of some orchids:

Orchids IMG_8732

(10) It's always fun when you find a neat image in your archives like this one of a playground bench at our local community centre. I wasn't really trying for the bokeh, but I like how it turned out:

Bench Bokeh IMG_9943a

(11) And finally, we round out this selection of photos with this autumn view of the Rockies from the great vantage point at my office:

Distant Rockies IMG_3180

Looking back on 2011, this year had me branching out more into other genres, learn a lot of new techniques, and just simply experimented a lot with my photography. I hope you enjoyed my little jaunt through some of my photos from this past year. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how 2012 will shape up!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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