Dec 102011

I wasn't really planning on being up early enough to capture today's lunar eclipse. It just so happened that my daughter dragged me out of bed to take her to her 6am swim practice. On a Saturday. Ugh. Anyway, I was surprised I was awake enough to remember that the lunar eclipse was today and fortunate enough that my driving her to the pool would get me back to the deep SE of Calgary sometime before 7. I decided on a whim to grab my camera and put it in the car.

When I got back to my part of the city, I headed for the biking/walking trails that are nearby as I've taken many photos from there facing west. Lesson number one for night photography – bring a flashlight. I had a heckuva time finding the actual pathways since they've been covered in snow. After stumbling around a bit, I did eventually find the paths and settled in to take some shots. Lesson number two – bring a tripod. I ended up taking around a 100 or so shots, all the while experimenting with the camera settings to see what would work. I went through and processed the photos this afternoon and I've found that the vast majority of what I shot has noticeable blur and aren't really useable. Here are the two that I found to be among the better ones from this morning.

Lunar Eclipse IMG_3864

Lunar Eclipse IMG_3904

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