Sep 302011

It's been a while since I've shot a sunrise, but like many Calgarians, I also took the camera out when we were presented with an incredible sunrise last week. I was actually just arriving to work and grabbing a coffee when I looked out the window. Our office building has a number of balconies, so I was able to go outside and take a few shots of the surrounding area.

I started with a shot of the next building over directly to the east..

Office Sunrise IMG_3124

Next, I looked northward, where you can just barely make out the downtown skyline behind the apartment building on the left..

Office Sunrise IMG_3132

Then I headed to the other side of our office building and took a shot toward the southwest..

Office Sunrise IMG_3142

I love that there are these balconies at work that we can go outside on. It sure beats trying to shoot these photos through the windows. I think I'll have to bring a big zoom lens to work one of these days. There's some great perspectives from here, including a fairly unobstructed view of the Rockies when it's not too cloudy.

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