Sep 272011

As some of you may know, in addition to photography, I'm a bit of a gamer as well. To that end, I thought I would start adding some interesting gaming tidbits to this blog starting with this post. After all, screenshots are basically a form of photography for virtual worlds, right? :-)

All's well in Atlas Park

One of my favourite games, City of Heroes, was updated today to a new version they're calling "City of Heroes Freedom", which introduces a hybrid Free-to-Play/Subscription model. This release also continues the Praetorian alternate dimension storyline where the Praetorian Earth super-powered beings begin to invade Primal Earth. This began in-game with a developer initiated event last week on the brand new 'Exalted' server where the Praetorians launched an attack on Atlas Park! Oddly enough, I wasn't really looking for the attack, but happened be online at the time, so I happily joined in the fray.

First we saw some War Walkers stomping their way in..

Next came along some Hamidon Seeds.. And there was much dying when they showed up..

Somewhere in there, the actual Praetorian Guard made their appearance known..

(you can just make out Neuron and Dominatrix on the left and Chimera is in the black cloud on the right)

And in came more and more and more War Walkers and Hamidon Seeds..



After a while, the forces of good ultimately prevailed, Atlas Park was saved, and we were awarded the shiny gold title, "Divided We Fall"..

Check out the rest of the screenshots in this gallery. Enjoy!

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