Friday's Photo – Butterfly

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Aug 262011

A couple of months ago, we took the kids to the Calgary Zoo and wandered around for an afternoon. With camera in hand, I took the opportunity to try shooting some of the plants and animals. I hadn't been there in many many years, so some of the exhibits were either new or just new-to-me. One area I didn't remember was the butterfly room and it certainly provided a lot of opportunity for some nice shots such as this one:

Butterfly IMG_8737

In fact, this was one of the many favourite shots from that day, so I ended up ordering a print of it on canvas from the folks over at 44 Wide. It arrived last week and it looks great!

Butterfly on Canvas IMG_3101

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Friday's Photo – Two

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Aug 122011

Last week, my youngest daughter turned two and we got one of those 'cupcake-cakes' for her. Oddly enough, she didn't immediately take to making a mess out of it. She asked for a spoon, sat at the table, and ate it like the little princess she is. ;-)


The next day, however, all bets were off. As you can see, she had another one of the cupcakes with an appropriate amount of gusto… :-)

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Friday's Photo – Floating

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Aug 052011

Continuing with our shot from Gyro Beach last week, here is another photo from a similar vantage point on the beach of a solitary green-roofed boat floating in the lake. While I liked how this scene turned out, I think it would have benefited from a graduated ND filter to help tone down the bright sky a bit.

Floating IMG_7768

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Dark Stylish Theme for 500px

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Aug 012011

As with many photographers, I've been playing around with 500px in recent weeks and have liked what I've seen so far (check out my profile here) . The sheer quality of the photos over there are so amazing that it's been really easy to lose hours just browsing photos.

Then I came across the Firefox extension, Stylish, which allows you to restyle websites in your browser. Basically, this amounts to writing some CSS that overrides what the website is coded with.

I've always been a fan of darker-themed websites because I find them less straining on the eyes, so after installing a few styles and tinkering a bit, I thought about what other websites would be good to restyle. I figured 500px would be a good candidate, since it is mostly white. I didn't find an existing style, so I went ahead and experimented with Stylish myself to see what I could come up with.

Here are a few screenshots…

Main Page

Login Page

Profile Page

Photo Page

If you're interested in using this, you'll need to install Stylish first. Then you can download/install 'Dark 500px' directly from Feedback welcome and appreciated.. Enjoy!

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