Jun 242011

As I mentioned in our previous post, I was fortunate enough this year to finally be able to attend the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo after having missed it for many years. Now, one expects to spend a fair bit of cash when attending something like this (which I did), but I do regret not having budgeted a little bit extra, especially for geeky toys and figurines, because there was just so much I wanted to buy.

Here's a shot of the few things I did get.. A flat-bottomed dice bag from Dragon Chow, a knitted Jayne hat keychain from the Alberta Browncoats (sadly, they were out of the actual hats and were furiously knitting more right at their booth), and some Dungeons & Dragons related buttons from WereGeek:

Geeky Goodies IMG_5604
Geeky Goodies IMG_5604

In addition to those few goodies, I also picked up a lot of webcomic collections, which added up quite quickly in terms of cost and weight (mental note: backpack > messenger bag). Some of the creators also provided some sketches with their books:

Pintsize by Jeph Jacques

T-Rex by Ryan North

Dr. McNinja by Christopher Hastings

Weregeek Dustin by Alina Pete

Thanks again to the Expo organizers and all the comics creators who came to Calgary – I will definitely do my best to be there again next year! And in case you missed it before, here is the link to my full Calgary Expo photo set on Flickr.. Enjoy!

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