May 132011

Well, the weather here in Calgary has turned around and the outdoor soccer season has finally gotten under way! Not to mention the allergy season, ugh.

This shot was taken at halftime at one of my son's games while I was watching my daughter play with a soccer ball on the sidelines. While the motion isn't readily apparent in the image, she was actually running at a pretty good clip for an almost-two-year-old. Or perhaps I'm getting old. Anyway, while processing this shot, I was tinkering around with the built-in filters (or 'Presets') in Aperture 3. What you see below is the 'Toy Camera' effect applied to the photo. This basically amounts to a bit of vignetting, lighting, shadows, and saturation tweaking. I like how it turned out, but what do you think?

First to the Ball IMG_0864
First to the Ball IMG_0864

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