Apr 292011

As some of you are probably aware and/or have been able to figure out, my daughter is a competitive synchronized swimmer. Last month, I was the official photographer for the Provincials competition and took thousands of photos (still available to order! </shameless plug>). Interestingly enough, the Canadian Open Nationals competition is currently underway right here in Calgary!

To that end, I thought I would dig out one of my favourite shots from the Provincials that I took of my little girl. Here she is during her duet – she's upside-down, being boosted underneath by her duet partner, while she does the splits. One of the things I enjoy most about shooting sports is being able to capture those split-second moments where, such as in this case, the big water splash is frozen in time.

Synchro Splits IMG_4214
Synchro Splits IMG_4214

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