Friday's Photo – Top 11 of 2011

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Dec 302011

Since today is the last Friday of 2011, for this week's photos, I thought I would jump on the trend I've noticed over on Google+ where many photographers have been going back into their 2011 archives and picking out their best photos from this past year. (Check out the hashtags #TopPhotos2011 and #bestphotos2011 to see some great examples)

Now, I've limited the choices to my non-sports photos to keep the selection small and relatively manageable (I might review my sports photos in a future post). Even then, it was still tough to trim it down to only 11. Anyway, in no particular order, here are my favourite photos from 2011.. Enjoy!

(1) We begin with this view of the Rocky Mountains silhouetted against a sunset, which kicked off my efforts to do a weekly photo blog post.

Mountain Sunset IMG_5297

(2) Next is this shot of my two-year-old chasing after a soccer ball on the field where my son was getting ready for a game:

First to the Ball IMG_0864

(3) This one is from a sunrise during a chinook in Calgary where we often get some great photogenic clouds:

Cotton Candy Sky IMG_9265

(4) I was playing around with depth of field when I took this shot on a well-maintained outdoor soccer pitch:

Boundary IMG_4342

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Friday's Photo – Fresh Snow

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Dec 232011

The weather forecast has us expecting a brown Christmas here in Calgary this year. We've been enjoying some unusually warm weather over the last couple of weeks, which has helped melt away a lot of the white stuff that had accumulated a few weeks ago. Despite this lack of winter, I noticed these couple of shots of fresh fallen snow I had taken a couple of years ago while I was digging around my archives doing some cleanup.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.. A big Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the best for a Happy New Year! Cheers!

Fresh Snow IMG_5643

Fresh Snow IMG_5644

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Lunar Eclipse

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Dec 102011

I wasn't really planning on being up early enough to capture today's lunar eclipse. It just so happened that my daughter dragged me out of bed to take her to her 6am swim practice. On a Saturday. Ugh. Anyway, I was surprised I was awake enough to remember that the lunar eclipse was today and fortunate enough that my driving her to the pool would get me back to the deep SE of Calgary sometime before 7. I decided on a whim to grab my camera and put it in the car.

When I got back to my part of the city, I headed for the biking/walking trails that are nearby as I've taken many photos from there facing west. Lesson number one for night photography – bring a flashlight. I had a heckuva time finding the actual pathways since they've been covered in snow. After stumbling around a bit, I did eventually find the paths and settled in to take some shots. Lesson number two – bring a tripod. I ended up taking around a 100 or so shots, all the while experimenting with the camera settings to see what would work. I went through and processed the photos this afternoon and I've found that the vast majority of what I shot has noticeable blur and aren't really useable. Here are the two that I found to be among the better ones from this morning.

Lunar Eclipse IMG_3864

Lunar Eclipse IMG_3904

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Friday's Photo – Low-Flying Cloud

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Dec 092011

Continuing with the wintery scenes from last week, here's shot of a low-flying cloud I noticed last winter in the valley next to our neighbourhood. Actually, it's mist/fog coming off of the Bow River which runs through the valley beside our community. I was wandering the walking/biking trails there and saw this in the early evening hours.

Low-Flying Cloud IMG_5315

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2011 Real World Hero Charity Drive

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Dec 062011
Join the Donation Drive!

The fine folks over at Real World Hero have begun their 3rd annual donation campaign! This is a charity drive by players of the MMORPG City of Heroes.

They have put together a number of events to help benefit four charities – Child's Play, Donate Games, Operation Gratitude, and Heifer International.

As a part of this, they're also running an auction until this Friday night with a variety of items, including City of Heroes merchandise, comic books, comic art, and a number of hand-crafted items.

After having been a bidder on a number of items last year (and even winning one), I thought I would donate one of my prints on canvas to their cause. Check out their auction page to see what's available and place your bids!

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