Sep 032010

I was downtown recently attending my sister's wedding reception. At the end of the night, as we were heading back to the car, I glanced upwards and saw some cool fog/clouds surrounding The Bow. Naturally, I took the camera out and took a few shots.

Now, with these being night shots, I wasn't terribly happy with the results, as there was a LOT of noise when I went to look at post-processing them. Then I recalled a friend of mine had recommended Bibble Pro 5, as it had a basic version of Noise Ninja integrated with it. Intrigued, I downloaded it, gave it a quick test, and here is the result:

The Bow at Night IMG_1362a
The Bow at Night IMG_1362a

Of course, you can't really tell how the noise reduction performed when the photo is reduced to a web-friendly size, so here's a before and after comparison of a small section (100% crop) of the photo:

Before Processing After Noise Ninja

I'm quite impressed with how well it reduced the noise in the photo. With some tweaking to Noise Ninja's settings, I'm sure it could have done even better. To that end, I'm now taking Bibble for a broader test drive to see how well it fits into my overall workflow.

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